There is a constant rotation of used instruments in hospitals. Before an instrument can be sterilized and used again it is sealed in a pouch with a rotary sealer to keep it sterile until it is time to use it. Whether it’s kept sterile or not all depends on if the pouch is properly sealed. To assure patient safety the sealer needs to be a reliable device for the sterilisation staff handling the equipment.

By observing the hospital staff in their work situation we could identify and minimize the obstacles in their daily operations and design a rotary sealer that simplifies the sterile packaging process for hospitals.

Client: Getinge Infection Control
Role: Lead designer at Lots


Alongside the sealers, Getinge offers tables and other equipment for the preparation and packaging workflow at hospitals. The tables are used both for preparation of equipment that is about to be sterilized and as sealing stations with a rotary sealer.