The bicycle rack Hjärtat, designed for Lappset, makes it possible to lock both the frame and the wheel, while at the same time providing stable support and protection for the bike. It’s compatible with all kinds of bikes, whether it’s a mountainbike or a commuter with a front mounted basket.

As the designer I was responsible for taking the project from concept to finalized product - working on a tight budget and within the limitation of the client’s production facilities.

Client: Lappset Sweden
Role: Industrial Designer at Lots


For bike parking that minimises the risk of theft you have to be able to lock the bike through its frame and not just by the front wheel. I identified a gap in the market of bike racks that both gives support for the front wheel and allows locking the bike by its frame. Existing racks that give good support and hold the bike upright offer few or poor options for locking the bike in a secure way, and the ones that secure the frame to the rack give poor support if the bike isn’t parked in a specific manner.